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When Do You Know When You Need a New Roof, Especially After Hail Storm?

Do you find raindrops falling from your roof into the bedroom, kitchen or living space?
That’s terrible! It means your house is demanding some roof replacement.
There are so many factors that can actually affect durability and performance of your roof
and the biggest one in the list is hailstorm. Many people suffer major losses due to
hailstorms and this condition is more dreadful in hilly areas. But you need not worry;
because you can easily find roofing experts in your city that ensure complete treatment to
your roof and they can also install a new one.
Here are few signs that will help you to know that it is the right time to replace your old

It started leaking

Indeed, it is the most obvious clue to initiate a repair for your roof or when the
leakage becomes uncontrollable then you might have to install a new one. Never
forget to organize a routine check for your attic and be more careful where you face
heavy rain storm or hailstorm. Run a check for all spots that reflect some water
penetration because they are the major areas of leakage. If you live in a snowy area
then your roof may demand frequent replacement because the ice accumulation
leads to decay in actual strength of the roof.

Water Stains

Have you observed water stains on interior walls? If yes then you need to discover
the reason behind it soon. This situation commonly occurs in the winter season
when moist air condenses the attic leading to leaking through the ceiling. It is
important to find a proper solution before this problem becomes worse.

Paint Peeling

When water finds its way to undesired locations of your house like through the
woodworks or inside the walls then it leads to some swelling, blistering or paint
peeling. This condition indicates a serious damage to your construction and demands
immediate attention. Prefer to call Expert roof inspection team to handle this
trouble and follow their recommendations if they advise to replace the old roof with
new one.

The growth of mold

If have observed some mildew or mold growth on ceilings of your walls then it
reflects roof leakage. Sometimes it can also happen due to plumbing issues or
condensation problems. The best idea is to inspect the whole area properly; check
bathroom fixtures, the condition of plumbing and also ensure that all insulations are

dry. Ensure proper ventilation in your house but if you are still not able to get rid of
mold then you may have to replace your old roof with new one.

After Hail Storm:

Here is one of the biggest reasons behind roof destructions and most of the areas
are affected by this trouble. Reports reveal huge losses due to hailstorms within last
few years due to extremely large size and weight of hail stones. When they strike on
the roof, they lead to a permanent damage and then homeowners are left with only
one solution and that is to replace their damaged roof.
Prefer to call experts in your area to organize complete roof inspection time to time so that
your house can stay safe from major losses.

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HG Contractors Inc is a BBB Accredited Roofer in El Paso, TX